Manual notify does not work after 14.1 Cum1 or Cum2 patches
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Manual notify does not work after 14.1 Cum1 or Cum2 patches


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After applying r14.1 cum 1 or cum 2,  I'm not able to send a manual notify via a request.
The log shows the following:
Domsrvr 6156 ERROR domdict.c 1116 Signature error in manual_notify: arg[9] = nil with invalid type NIL



SDM 14.1 cum 1 or 2 Windows



This error usually resolves in two areas -

1a)  In r14.1 Cum1:  Ensure applied RO80229 14.1.01 LANGUAGES PATCH provides Lanuguage *.CAZ files.  To complete cumulative patch installation you have to install Language specific *.CAZ file  Ex:   RO80218.CAZ for English

Based on the language, please select an appropriate patch below to apply via APPLYPTF to complete the whole cumulative patch installation:       

RO80218.CAZ for English;  RO80219.CAZ for French; 

RO80220.CAZ for French Canadian; RO80221.CAZ for German;

RO80222.CAZ for Spanish; RO80224.CAZ for Italian;

RO80225.CAZ for Japanese; RO80226.CAZ for Brazilian Portugese;

RO80228.CAZ for Simplified Chinese.

Refer to readme of RO80229 between Description: section and SERVER INSTALLATION section in Solution Document for RO80229.

1b)  In r14.1 Cum 2:  Ensure perform all mandatory post installation steps of 14.1 cum 2. Refer to Post Installation Steps for CA Service Desk Manager 14.1.02

2)  Custom file nf.htmpl in multiple form groups within $NX_ROOT\site\mods corresponding directories can cause the error as well.  Users have to ensure to re-customize the file nf.htmpl provided by Cum 2 patch.

Then Clear Browser cache to test.






Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License