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ORA: 00257: Archive Error


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CA eHealth


When trying to log onto eHealth one click console, we are getting following error:
Error : ORA: 00257: Archive Error, Connect Internal Only, Until freed.
eHealth 6.3.0 -
All supported Operating Systems
The error usually is a result of the disk ran out of space on which Oracle installed folder is located. You can identify the location through environment variable NH_ORACLE_HOME.
Look at Archive logs scheduled jobs and make sure its running. If not, fix the problem once the system is up.
Try moving older trace files and Archive logs. This should be located under NH_ORACLE_HOME/admin/bdump and under oradata\EHEALTH\ArchiveLogs.
Remove any other unwanted files that could be occupying large space.
This should free up some space and you can then start Oracle and eHealth if they are in stopped state.
You can delete these moved files after one day, once the system is stabilized.


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements