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Using the DOMAIN_ID attribute 0x129ac in a custom OneClick menu script


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CA Spectrum


I am trying to pull the value of the EMS_DOMAIN_ID attribute id 0x129ac into a custom menu item and having some issues. 

The menu item passes the value of the EMS_DOMAIN _ID and the Model_Handle to a local script that logs in to the MLS and connects to the appropriate landscape via the vnmsh and creates a test alarm for a given model. The script runs fine manually from the command line when the landscape handle and model handle are passed:

./ 0x500000 0x528b4d


However, when run through the custom menu it seems landscape handle HEX value 0x500000 is converted to integer value 5,242,880: 

Command: /opt/spectrum/custom/scripts/ 5,242,880 0x528b4d 




The data type of the EMS_DOMAIN_ID attribute id 0x129ac in the Spectrum database is Integer. The following CLI command shows the datatype of the EMS_Domain_ID attribute: 

[[email protected] vnmsh]$ ./show attributes mth=0x10429 | grep -i 129ac 

0x129ac EMS_Domain_ID Integer R,D 


Modify the script to first convert the integer value of the EMS_DOMAIN_ID attribute id 0x129ac to HEX then use the HEX value to connect to the appropriate landscape.