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I have installed v18 inc00. How to upgrade to inc04?


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I have installed v18 inc00. How to upgrade to inc04?



There are three PTFS from which to choose from to upgrade to v18 inc04.

RO88185 is to be applied to the Endevor Base.

RO88186 is to be applied to Endevor Web Services.

RO88487 is to be applied to the Japanese version of Endevor.


The PTFS are designed to perform two tasks:

1 – It will update the foreground panels and the report heading to include the version number which in this case will be inc04.

2 – All enhancement and fix maintenance PTFS that are published at this time will a pre-requisite for the PTFS.  This will ensure that once this PTF is applied one‘s installation will be update for inc04.  



Component: ENDBAS