How to Remove a Landscape in Spectrum 10.x
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How to Remove a Landscape in Spectrum 10.x


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CA Spectrum


After following the instructions outlined in knowledge document "How to remove a landscape after it has been removed from the Spectrum environment.", the unwanted landscape is still getting picked up by OneClick and is visible in the OneClick Web Page - Administration Pages - Landscapes Page.


By default, each landscape entry remains in the landscape map indefinitely.


Set the landscape map entry timeout in the $SPECROOT/LS/.locrc file to specify an amount of time after which the landscape entry times out and is removed automatically from the landscape map.

1. Log into the SpectroSERVER MLS as the user that owns the Spectrum installation

2. Edit the $SPECROOT/LS/.locrc file and add the following interval:


4. Save the change

5. Kill/terminate the current running LocServ process. The procecssd will start a new one.

The value of MET_INTERVAL is in milliseconds. 900000 ms (15 minutes) is recommended as you do not want entries removed by accident.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Set the Landscape Map Entry Timeout" section of the documentation for more information.