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I am having to merge two Endevor Package files. what do i have to do to accomplish this task


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We have two separate sites that use the Endevor Change Manager Software and one of the problems we have 
is that there are also two Packages data sets.  I need to merge both into one package file.
MOST IMPORANT - always make sure that you have backups of the files that will be merged
1 - Clean up both of the files by using the Archive Package action with the option to delete.
2 - Create a new Pacakge file by using the BC1JJB05 member located in prefix.qual.CSIQJCL.
3 - Use the UNLOAD Package program also located in prefix.qual.CSIQJCL(BC1JUNLD)
     to perform the unload.
     The unload action will need to use the c1deflts table of the Endevor that will be where the old Package file exists.
     Unload both the old and new package files.
4 - Use the RELOAD Package program located in prefix.qual.CSIQJCL(BC1JRELD)
     to perform the reload.
     The reload action will need to use the c1deflts table of the Endevor that will be where the new Package file exists.
     Reload the old and then reload the new in that order.
5 - Run the package summary report (CONRPT70) to validate the file is operational.  Bring up Endevor and drill down to: 
     1  REPORTS
     3  PACKAGE
     At this point you should be on panel     C1SR1300 ---------------------- PACKAGE REPORTS ----------------------
    SELECT REPORTS:                                                       
    _ 70  Package Summary   _ 71  Package Approver   _ 72  Package Detail
6 - Remember that no packages can be executed until the merger of the two Endevor Package files has been completed.


Component: ENDBAS