Dynamic Groups do not remain populated in UMP 8.31 - UGS probe creates expensive SQL queries


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Users may note that after populating dynamic groups in USM, the groups may appear to de-populate.  For several minutes, the groups may appear to be populated correctly, and then intermittently drop to 0 members.

Additionally, the UGS probe may be seen to generate SQL queries that consume large amounts of CPU on the database server.

Other symptoms may include:

  • slow performance in UMP overall
  • old dynamic groups de-populate as soon as new ones are created



In UIM 8.4, the UGS probe has been replaced by a probe called Trellis which resolves these issues.

We have created a version of the Trellis probe that is compatible with UIM 8.31, with the exception of NetFlow Analysis (NFA) Integration. A USM hotfix is also required.

Users relying on NFA Integration with UIM/UMP should upgrade to UIM/UMP 8.4 rather than applying this hotfix. The hotfix will break NFA integration in 8.31 and this cannot be resolved.

Additionally, the health_index probe will be removed by the hotfix; customers who rely on this functionality may follow some additional optional steps to re-enable this functionality in 8.31.  Customers who are not using health_index do not need to apply these steps.

Links to the Trellis probes and USM hotfix are included in the PDF located here.

Instructions for re-enabling the health_index functionality are included in the PDF located here.



Component: CAUIM


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