Is it possible to specify parameter TDUDATA= for a PSO transfer to identify that transfer for certain processing once received on Windows?
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Is it possible to specify parameter TDUDATA= for a PSO transfer to identify that transfer for certain processing once received on Windows?


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PSO transfers are performed from z/OS to Windows to send a spool files. Some of these spool files need to be processed once received on the Windows platform to remove trail blanks. Is there a way to use parameter TDUDATA= for  PSO transfers to identify them as those files that need to be processed?


XCOM r11.6 for z/OS and XCOM r11.6 for Windows


Unfortunately TDUDATA cannot be specified as a destination/config member parameter, but there are other destination/config member parameters that can be used to set the CA XCOM for Windows parameter REMOVE_TRAIL_BLANKS from the XCOMPRE.bat user exit.

One way would be to have two destination/config PSO members that point to the same target destination, you can direct which SPOOL file goes to which XCOM destination.

For example: Make a copy of your current CA XCOM for z/OS PSO destination/config member. Edit the member and add the CA XCOM for z/OS destination/config parameter PSOPREF=XCRTBYES. This will override the PSOPREF value specified in the CA XCOM for z/OS DEFAULT table:


Specifies the high-level qualifier that is used by the PSO interface when allocating temporary data sets. This value is also used by PDSE program library transfers when creating temporary data sets.


*                     PSO DEST FOR Windows XCRTBYES



DEST= XCRTBYES                                                                                                 






PSOPREF= XCRTBYES                                      

By the user directing the SPOOL files that require special processing to this CA XCOM for z/OS PSO destination XCRTBYES it allows for the ability to define a unique/specific prefixed remote filename:

      remote_file:     " XCRTBYES.xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx"

which can be used by the CA XCOM for Windows XCOMPRE exit to set the REMOVE_TRAIL_BLANKS=YES for this particular transfer:


        if /%use_echo%/ == /YES/ echo XCOMPRE_REMOTE 

               SET xcrmtfname=/%remotefile:~1,8%/  

rem The following two if statements are case-sensitive. To make them not case-sensitive

rem a "/I" must follow the word "if" as if /I /%file%/ == ......

        if NOT /%xcrmtfname%/ == /"XCRTBYES"/ GOTO XCOMPRE_END  

        %xcomqm% -p%local_reqno% REMOVE_TRAILING_BLANKS =YES


Additional Information

Please be aware that the above XCOMPRE code is a sample. The user will be responsible for making the necessary changes or updating the script for their site specifications and/or maintenance.