How to restore default Domains in case of domain corruption without deleting the entire organization.
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How to restore default Domains in case of domain corruption without deleting the entire organization.


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The domains that you import during the Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting content upgrade can become corrupt. Domain corruption can occur while adding or removing customizations during the Load Data Warehouse job as well.

The signs of Domain corruption:
- While editing a default domain via domain designer from advanced reporting, you might get error.."Export bundle….follow by a message that schema is not available in the DWH data source"
- The Export, Import, or Migrate Advanced Reporting Content utility caused the Time Domain (and maybe others) to fail when I try to select a field and move it to the 'columns' line I get the following error... "Error Details an error occurred while performing the previous request"


Clarity PPM 16.1 and supported releases


The admin restoreDomains is helpful in scenarios where the default domain is corrupt. What the command does in background:

1.  Replaces all the OOTB domains which are under ca ppm/domains folder
2.  It updates the schema name of all the OOTB domains to map to the correct schema name
3.  It runs the dynamic domain updates to add DWH enabled custom attribute to the domains.


Option 1: Restore Domains Using the Command Line: Use a command option to import the domains and run a dynamic domain update.
Open a command prompt in the install directory/bin and execute the following command:
admin content-jaspersoft  restoreDomains [-userName <userName>] [-password <password>]
example:admin content-jaspersoft restoreDomains -userName superuser -password superuser

Note: Please don't edit any out of box domains/contents rather make a copy of it and update. This command will only work from CA PPM 14.3 onwards.

Option 2: Restore Domains Job
As the Clarity PPM System administrator, run the Restore Domains job to restore the out-of-the-box domains to their original
state and dynamically update these domains with the appropriate custom objects and attributes.

By default, the Restore Domains job is in an Active state. If you disable the job and if you upgrade your Jaspersoft version, the
Restore Domains job remains disabled.

Warning: CA PPM customers on versions 14.4 and 15.1 must apply either patch or patch, respectively, or
a newer patch or release, to use the Restore Domains Job. Additionally, customers must apply the Jaspersoft Server Cumulative Patch 6.2.1_5.

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