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CA SAM cron jobs have no last or first run times


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Why do the CA SAM cron jobs have no last or first run times listed in admin-> browse configuration?
The cron jobs have not ran.
When creating the scheduled task, CA SAM PROD CRON MASTER , the argument,
c:\Program Files (x86)\ca\Sam\app\includes\{tag}\cron\cron_master.php, needs to be placed in double quotes.
Without the argument in double quotes,  the scheduled task will not start and the cron jobs will not run to list a first and last run time.
The CA SAM Installation documentation fails to include the double quotes in the argument.
The Cron Job section of the documentation should read as follows.
Go to Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative Tools>Schedule Tasks>Create Task and set the following:

Actions > New
Action Start a program
Program/script c:\Program Files (x86)\ca\Sam\env\php\php.exe
Add arguments "c:\Program Files (x86)\ca\Sam\app\includes\{tag} \cron\cron_master.php"
Once the double quotes have been placed around the argument, click run to start the CA SAM PROD CRON MASTER  task and last run and first run times will appear in CA SAM, admin- configuration - cron jobs


Component: CASAM