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Online Backup Fails with Error : Failed To Open Destination File


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CA Spectrum


SpectroSERVER Online Database Backup fails with an error similar to the following

Error: Failed to open destination file (D:/SS-DB-Backup/db_20160405_1231.SSdb.tmpdir/ssAlarms.db) in copy_file.
Error: Failed to copy database file (ssAlarms.db) to directory (D:/SS-DB-Backup/db_20160405_1231.SSdb.tmpdir).



There are several reasons why this could occur:
  • When there is a temporary directory (*tmpdir) left over from a previous backup in the $SPECROOT/SS-DB-Backup directory (default), or the directory configured by the user to save the backup to. 
  • When there is not enough space available to save the file(s).
  • Permissions on the backup directory have been changed.
  • On Windows, if there is another rm.exe program installed on the system besides the one in the $SPECROOT/NT-Tools/SRE/bin directory




  • Check the contents of the backup directory for any left over tmpdir directory and remove
  • Ensure there is available space
  • Check and verify the permission on the backup directory
  • Remove any rm.exe programs other than the one in the $SPECROOT/NT-Tools/SRE/bin directory


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