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Receive fails for dynamic allocation of SMPPTFIN RC=037C.


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)



During the base installation of a product the user completes the wizard processing and selects install which immediately fails on the receive step.
The error returned is a dynamic allocation error return code 12 Reason code 037C.

Dynamic allocation of input data set null failed. DD: SMPPTFIN RC: 12 Error code: 0x37C Info code: 0x2.
MME0251I CA CSM executor finished. CA CSM jobname: CSMTC   ( CSM Tomcat Server ).



CSM r6.0 z/OS 2.1 or z/OS 2.2 JAVA R8



The root cause is the use of JAVA R8, which as of the time of this article, is not supported by CSM r6.0 (or CSM r5.1). Analysis of the return and reason codes are as follows:

Return code 12 - Invalid SVC 99 parameter list format was detected.  Refer to error reason code for more information.         

Reason Code 037C   Bad length supplied in a SVC 99 text unit. Corresponding  Message: IKJ56231I  



Use JAVA R7. Do this by reassigning the JAVA_HOME directory and JAVA loader module as follows:

  • Change the value of the JAVA_HOME variable in the SAMPLIB(MSMLIB) member.

Example: In the following sample SAMPLIB(MSMLIB) member, replace original_path with the new path.

export JAVA_HOME=original_path

  • Change the SMPJHOME DDDEF value in the CA CSM CSI that points to the Java home directory. The CA CSM CSI is located in CSIHLQ.SMPCSI.CSI. Change the SMPJHOME DDDEF value in the global (GLOBAL), target (CAIT0) and distribution (CAID0) zones. Use the UCLIN statement to change the SMPJHOME DDDEF value.

Example: Use this UCLIN statement to change the SMPJHOME DDDEF value for all CA CSM CSI zones by replacing the zone variable with each zone name: CAID0, CAIT0, and GLOBAL.



  • Change the JAVA loader module in the CSMTC PROC on the EXEC card.
    • Note JVMLDM76 is for 64-bit JAVA 7.0 and JVMLDM77 is for 64-bit JAVA 7.1

Note: Once you start the MSMTC job, the JAVA_HOME path in the job log message has to match the path in the SMPJHOME DDDEF in the CA CSM CSI:

JVMJZBL1006I JAVA_HOME = new_path


  • Change the JAVAPATH option in the option file that is located in the MSMPATH/CEGPHFS directory.

Example: In the following option file sample, replace original_path with the new path.




Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager