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Is there any way to find out who deleted a model in Spectrum?


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Is there any way to find out who deleted a model in Spectrum?


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: SPCDIS - Discovery/Modeling


When a model is destroyed/deleted, the 0x10202 event is generated. This event displays the user that destroyed the model:

Aug 25, 2015 9:35:47 AM EDT A model has been destroyed.  The model was of type Host_systemEDGE destroyed by [email protected]. [email protected] 0x10202


However, this event is not logged out of the box. So the first step is to configure the event to log by doing the following:

- Log into OneClick

- Select Tools ~~> Utilities ~~> Event Configuration

- Filter for and select the 0x00010202 event in the Navigation panel

- Click on the Event Options tab in the Details panel

- Check the "Store Event in Historical Database" checkbox


- Click on the Save icon

- Select "File ~~> Exit from the top level menu

- Update the Event Configuration for each VNM model in the DSS
    - Find and select the VNM model
    - Click on the Information tab in the "Component Detail" panel
    - Find and expand the "SpectroSERVER Control" subview
    - Click on the "Update Event Configuration" check box

From this point on, where a model is destroyed/deleted, the 0x10202 event will be logged in the Archive Manager (DDM) database.

This can be seen by selecting the landscape in the Explorer tab of the Navigation panel and then clicking on the Events tab in the Contents panel. Click on the Filter icon to set the start/end date/time for the range and set a filter for the 0x10202 event:

Additional Information

These same instructions can be used to find out who created a model in Spectrum.

When a model is created, the 0x10201 event is logged.