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CA InterTest for CICS and CA InterTest/Batch Support IBM Enterprise COBOL V5 for z/OS


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Is IBM Enterprise COBOL V5 for Z/OS supported by CA InterTest for CICS and CA InterTest Batch?




Yes, IBM Enterprise COBOL 5.1 and 5.2 are supported by CA InterTest for CICS and CA InterTest Batch.

In some cases PTFs have to be applied as shown in the following listing.


CA-INTERTEST CICS  9.1 - COBOL 5.2 - RO81912, RO82152 required

                       - COBOL 5.1 - no additional PTFs required


CA-INTERTEST CICS  8.5 - COBOL 5.2 - RO83008, RO83009, RO83010,  RO83011, RO83012, RO83013, RO83172 required

                       - COBOL 5.1 - if running CTS 5.1 RO62000

                                     if running CTS 4.2 RO61999

                                     if running CTS 4.1 RO61998

                                     if running CTS 3.2 RO61997

                                     if running CTS 3.1 RO61996

                                     if running CTS 2.3 RO61995

                                     Plus FMID CVH8500 PTFS:        

                                     RO61209,RO61893,RO65651,RO70949, RO73189                       



CA-INTERTEST BATCH 9.1 - COBOL 5.2 - no additional PTFs required

                       - COBOL 5.1 - no additional PTFs required


CA-INTERTEST BATCH 8.5 - COBOL 5.2 - RO83079, RO83172 required

                       - COBOL 5.1 - FMID CMR8500 - RO63533, RO69033, RO71988 required

                                     FMID CVH8500 - RO61209, RO61893, RO65651, RO70949, RO73189 required

                                     FMID CAVH900 - RO61210, RO61892, RO65202, RO65745, RO72020, RO73218 required



Additional Information:


We recommend to always check the following upgrade solutions for updates:


For CA InterTest for CICS: UPGRAD APAR GI93444  on  Download Center / Download Solution


For CA InterTest Batch: UPGRAD APAR GI93029:


Release: OSINBV00200-9.1-InterTest-Batch