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Error message IEC070I 034(004) on the element catalog file


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Error message IEC070I 034(004) on the element catalog file, visible in the joblog of an Endevor batch action.

Any attempt to update the element catalog will lead to a VSAM PUT macro failure (message VSI1102E in the SCL execution log)


Endevor v.16.0, v.17.0, z/OS 2.1


The error IEC070I 034 indicates that the maximum relative byte address (RBA) limit (4,294,967,295) has been reached and the return code 004 indicates the end of volume for a non-extended VSAM file.


To solve the error, the element catalog file has to be allocated as extended VSAM (>4GB). Extended Addressability is supported by Endevor only for regular (KSDS) VSAM files like the element catalog, MCF and package file.

1. REPRO the current CATALOG/ EINDEX files out to sequential DS.

2. DELETE and REDEFINE  the CATALOG/ EINDEX under an SMS data class for extended format (DATASETNAMETYPE EXT).

3. REPRO the SEQUENTIAL FILES back into the new VSAM CATALOG/ EINDEX files.

The sample job BC1JRCAT from the Endevor JCL library 'UPRFX.UQUAL.CSIQJCL' can be tailored to do the copy and the allocation of the files with the SMS parameters for the extended format.

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Component: ENDBAS