Get the error "Default: Error. Client not found on server" when trying to connect to an upgraded database with WorkBench.


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister



Trying to connect to an SCM broker in Workbench after a upgrade of a converted database from Software Change Manager R7.1 to R12.1

and get error message "client not found on server".


  • Operating System AIX 5.3
  • Software Change Manager R12.1


Release: SCMNCR99000-12.6-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem


After upgrading from Harvest 7.1 to SCM 12.1 the users were not able to log in to the system.

Checking the HBroker log file revealed the following format errors:

  • Default: On Request - 10:22:16
    ID : /pt_HClient://abcdef/2600#4
    Action : sent to /pt_HServer://abcde01/3158228

  • On Process Dies - 10:22:17
    Process: /pt_HServer://abcde01/3158228
    Action : Default: error. client not found for server

Inspection of the updateschema.log file showed that during the upgrade of the database from schema 7.1 to schema 12.1, the following error message appeared.

Failed to decrypt password for the user: abcdefg
Converting password for the user: abcdefg


It was necessary to run the convpw utility manually (Note: The CaCrypto component must be installed and the environment variable CACRYPTINI needs to be set in the environment or $CA_SCM_HOME/bin/convpw script and must include the full path to the cacrypt.ini file e.g. CACRYPTINI=/usr/local/CAcrypto/cacrypt.ini)

After successfully converting the password, the broker would start and users could login without any error message.

Note: The CaCrypto component can be uninstalled after successful completion of running convpw command line utility since it is no longer needed.