Unable to initialize ENF. CAS9312E - Load failed for DCM object "CAS9DCM0" - X'00000306'/X'0000000C'.


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Attempting to start the ENF task but it terminates with a U0203 abend. The following messages are generated:

CAS9214I - CA-ENF Command: DCM(CAS9DCM0)        * ENF BASE EVENTS
CAS9312E - Load failed for DCM object "CAS9DCM0" - X'00000306'/X'0000000C'.
CAS9304I - M312Help: The source dataset specified for..
CAS9304I - M312Help: this DCM is not APF.
CAS9314E - DCM processing completed with error.
CAS9203E - CA-ENF Initialization error - terminating


As noted by the abend and reason codes presented with the CAS9312E message an authorized program requested, by a LINK(X), LOAD, XCTL(X) or ATTACH(X)
macro, a module in a non-APF-authorized library or concatenation of libraries. As explained in the corresponding CAS9304I message, the DCM module specified on the DCM statement was found in a non-APF-authorized library.



APF-authorize the library from which the associated DCM module is being loaded.

The DCM module can be loaded from various locations:

  2. DDNAME of your choosing


Additional Information:

Refer to the CA Common Services for z/SO r14.1 Reference Guide for details on ENF's DCM Control Option.

As per z/OS programming standards, if a JCL DD statement concatenates an authorized library in any order with an unauthorized library, the entire set of concatenated libraries is treated as unauthorized.


Release: CA90SV00200-14-Common Services-for z/OS