How to Separate Database Configuration (auditing, snapshots (reporting), workflow, and task persistence).
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How to Separate Database Configuration (auditing, snapshots (reporting), workflow, and task persistence).


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I would like to separate my database stores into separate database instances.  How can this be accomplished?


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B


For scalability purposes, you may want to create a separate database to replace any one of the existing database schemas initially created by CA Identity Manager during installation.

You can create a separate database instance for each of the following:

  • Workflow

    CA Identity Manager includes SQL scripts for setting up a new workflow database instance.

    To run the CreateDatabase script:

    Follow these steps:

    1. Add the path to the sqljdbc.jar to the DB_CLASSPATH attribute in the CreateDatabase.bat or .sh script before you run it.
    2. From a command prompt, run CreateDatabase.bat or sh. The default location for this script is:
      Windows: C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity\tools\Workpoint\install.
      UNIX: /opt/CA/IdentityManager/IAM_Suite/Identity_Manager/tools/Workpoint/install.
      A command prompt window and the WorkPoint application open.
    3. Select the database type from the drop-down.
    4. Use the following guidelines to fill in fields in the configuration utility:
      • For the JDBC Class parameter, enter:
        Oracle: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
        SQL Server:
      • For the JDBC URL, enter:
        Oracle: jdbc:oracle:thin:@wf_db_system:1521:wf_oracle_SID
        SQL Server: jdbc:sqlserver://wf_db_system:1433; databaseName=wf_db_name
      • For the Database User ID parameter, enter the workflow user you created when creating the workflow database.
      • For the Password parameter, enter the password you created for the workflow user.
      • For the Database ID, enter WPDS
    5. Accept the default check box selections.
    6. Click the Initialize button.
      When the configuration is complete, a message that resembles the following appears in the Command Prompt window:

      The create database process finished with 0 errors.
    7. Restart the application server.
  • Auditing
    C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity\tools\db
  • Task Persistence
    C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity\tools\db
  • Object Store:
    C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity\tools\db
  • Snapshots (reporting):
    C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity\imrexport\tools\db
  • Archive (task persistence archive):
    C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity\tools\db