"host configuration" "rootcause" "path view tabs are missing for device
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"host configuration" "rootcause" "path view tabs are missing for device


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CA Spectrum


The “Host Configuration“, “Path View“ and  “Root Cause“ tabs  are grayed out under the Component Detail panel for some devices.


Component: SPCCSS


Host Configuration tab:

Device is required to be a supported device in the Network Configuration Manager (NCM) to display this tab

Please reference the "Devices Supported by Network Configuration Manager" section of the documentation for information about what devices are certified out of the box.

If the device is not certified out of the box, you can use the "Network Configuration Manager Extension Utility" to self certify the device. 

Path View tab:

Use must first use the "IP Routing Manager" to discover the layer 3 topology before the Path View tab will become available.

Root Cause tab:

Will be enabled only if the device has any alarm which is "caused" be another alarm that has also occurred. For example, if Spectrum detects a fault and asserts the Critical "DEVICE HAS STOPPED RESPONDING TO POLLS" alarm on a model which "causes" other models to be Suppressed, the Root Cause tab will be available for thees models that are Suppressed.