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How to configure Engines to use CAFT


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


Starting ITCM 12.9, Engine is using by default cfftplugin to collect the AM inventory files on sector of Scalability Server and put the signature files .ZML.
cfftplugin is using port TCP 4728.
Before version 12.9 (12.5, 12.5 SP1, 12.8, 12.8 FP1), Engine is using by default CAFT to collect the files on the sector.
The files are collected via CAM (port UDP 4104 or TCP 4105).
In these versions, method of collect and timeout could be configured in a file rsapi.ini.
But starting ITCM 12.9, the file rsapi.ini is not used anymore.
If port TCP 4728 is blocked and we would like to use CAFT to collect the Inventory files, how to configure the method of collect ?


Client Automation - r12.9 and above


Execute this command in order to activate the method CAFT on the ITCM DOMAIN Server (or Server with installed Engine) :
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/serverapi -pn CAFTActive -v 1
Method currently set could be find with :
ccnfcmda -cmd GetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/serverapi -pn CAFTActive
With CAFT method, the timeout is 180 seconds. In order to increase this timeout execute this (example for 10 minutes) :
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/caf/plugins/engine -pn SectorServerTimeOut -v 600


In order to use again cfftplugin method execute this :
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/serverapi -pn CAFTActive -v 0
Engines should be restarted after modification of these parameters.

Additional Information


This is applicable to ITCM 12.8 too with AM cumulative patch installed :

r12.8 : t5pw113

r12.8 FP1 : t5pw118