After upgrading to new version of TPX, it abends with ABEND=S000 U0032 REASON=00000000 in module TPXGTSTR


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After installing a new version of TPX, we can start TPX using initialized VSAM files without any problem.

Once the production version of the VSAM files (ADMIN1, ADMIN2, NOTES, MAIL, and VIEW) are copied over and have run RESET INTEGRITY, starting TPX results in a U0032 abend in TPXGTSTR.


CA TPX for z/OS


  1. Verify that your new version of TPX is specifying the production version of your SMRT and ACT that corresponds to the production data now being used.
    • Check the SMRT= and ACT= parms in the TPX JCL and PROC
    • If you use the default SMRTTEST and ACTTEST tables that are delivered with TPX, then you may not have adequate values defined in order to support the production data in the VSAM files.
  2. Ensure that the REGION= parameter on your JOB statement and/or EXEC statement corresponds to the production setting.  We recommend REGION=0M.

If you still have this abend after ensuring the correct tables and REGION are specified, please open a case with CA and provide the following for analysis:

  1. TPX started task log, including LOG DD
  2. U0032 dump (Tersed)

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