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UIM to NFA integration error: "Unable to locate a wasp server to use for portal registration" seen in nfa_inventory probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When integrating UIM and NFA, you may see the error "Unable to locate a wasp server to use for portal registration" displayed in the nfa_inventory probe log.  

Additionally, a cross-link in NFA to the UIM portal will not be displayed.  

This error does not affect the display of metrics in USM, but as mentioned, the cross-link functionality from the NFA portal to the UIM portal will not work correctly.




Release: NFA 9.3.3 with UIM 8.x


To resolve this issue, use a MySQL client to access the "reporter" database on the NFA console.

Execute the following query - substituting the appropriate URL for your UMP server:

insert into system_settings(Parameter,Value) values ('portalUrl','');


Additional Information

You must use a trailing slash at the end of the UMP URL or it will not work correctly.

After making this change, restart the NFA services and now when logging into NFA you should see a link to the UIM portal in the upper right corner.