Producing EOJ statistics without shutting down Datacom MUF
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Producing EOJ statistics without shutting down Datacom MUF


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When a Datacom MUF region shuts down, a comprehensive report of activity and statistics for databases is produced. When a MUF runs for weeks or months at a time, the one-time summary information may not be useful to identify trends or predict future growth needs.

Can a statistics report, like the one from the MUF shutdown, be produced, but while the MUF is still running?


Release: 14.0 and above
Component: Datacom/DB Datacom/AD


There is a console/console-like command that can be issued to produce most of this information. The report is called the “All Info Report” and, as noted in the Datacom/DB documentation, “...generates a concisely formatted report containing comprehensive information... Except for a few differences because the MUF has not ended, the information in the report is the same as that provided in EOJ reports when the MUF has ended. For example, the report does not provide the task information page showing the status of tasks.”

As with most console and console-like commands, there are three ways of issuing this command:

  1. From the operating system console, using MVS MODIFY command
  2. Through SQL, using the SQL_CONSOLE (SQX) Dynamic System Table
  3. With the DBUTLTY program, using the function COMM OPTION=CONSOLE,OPTION2=

The general syntax of the command is

ALL_INFO_REPORT xxxxx, where xxxxx is any of the following data sets in z/OS: PXX, PXXDD, PXXDST, PXXCBS, or PXXSQL.

Additional Information

Below are examples of the command being issued, with the results being sent to the PXXDST file.

Example #1 – From the operating system console


Example #2 – Using the SQL_CONSOLE Dynamic System Table

For example, using the DBSQLPR program:

//SYSIN DD *       
VALUES('mymuf   ',

Example #3 – Using the DBUTLTY function COMM OPTION=CONSOLE

//SYSIN     DD  *

For more information about producing the All Info Report, please see the "ALL_INFO_REPORT" section of the Datacom/DB 15.1 documentation.

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.