Multiple alarm thresholds defined for custom checkpoints in the sqlserver probe do not work


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The sqlserver probe allows the definition of multiple custom-defined thresholds for custom checkpoints that are created.  The probe allows this definition to start with the smallest threshold value and allows the addition of new thresholds with higher values.  Here is an example:

If the count for this checkpoint returns a value greater than 1, the sqlserver probe will only return an Informational alarm because the probe matches the first threshold in the list of alarm thresholds defined for the customized checkpoint.


By design, the sqlserver probe checks the current checkpoint value against the defined thresholds in the order that the thresholds are entered.


Release:  UIM any version
Component:  sqlserver probe any version


When defining custom alarm thresholds for a given checkpoint, start with the highest threshold value adding threshold values of lesser values until the smallest threshold value is added as the last threshold: