SPM Tests on SystemEDGE Host
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SPM Tests on SystemEDGE Host


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CA Spectrum


I installed SystemEDGE and the Service Response Monitoring AIM and discovered that server in Spectrum as a SPM Test host. 

From here I defined SPM TCP tests from Spectrum OneClick, which are running fine => Tests are created and can be run. 

I want to get the alarm/events at the test destination model, but I only get it at the test host model. 


SystemEDGE Test host = 

TCP Test destination host = (also modeled at the same landscape) 

If my test fails, I get the events and alarm in Spectrum on I need it on 


I configured the test with the following Threshold parameters: Threshold Events Asserted on Destination Model (if modeled in SPECTRUM) 

The TCP port of the test is 80. 





In CA Spectrum, we only post threshold values to the Destination Model and not any timeouts. The timeouts will only be posted on the test model.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Service Performance Manager" section of the documentation for more information.