How to control RCHost Agent registration messages , retry times and Session timeouts via Config Policies.


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Is there a way or Policy to control RCHost registration messages sent to Domain Manager via RCserver, when a large number of RCHost machines are restarted concurrently?



If all the RCHOSTS in your environment startup at the same time, e.g. when all users startup their machines in the morning, the RCSERVER cannot keep up with the registration messages causing them to timeout. The RCHOST then resends the registration message causing a build up in the message queue on the RCSERVER. 

Under these circumstances, the following error might be received when attempting to establish a connection:

“Unable to establish a remote control session. The Remote Control Management Server is not available to validate the credentials supplied.“

Retrying after some time you can take control without any problem.

To control and manage this scenario three new RCHost Agent Policies have been introduced: 

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InitialDelay: it controls the initial delay in registration i.e. random number of minutes from 0 to configured value, max being 120 mins.

RetryInterval: it affects the Retry interval. Currently it is 1 min, next retry 2 mins, next retry 4 mins till 60 mins reached and there after every 1 hour.

SmTimeout: Session timeout while communication to Server. Currently this is 10 sec. If Server has not responded back within 10 secs, it gets timed out. This is now configurable from 10 seconds (default) to 600 seconds.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence


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