Recover the ACCT from the original volume.
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Recover the ACCT from the original volume.


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CA 1 Flexible Storage CA 1 Tape Management - Copycat Utility CA 1 Tape Management - Add-On Options



How to COPY the ACCT field with COPYCAT FILECOPY ?



Client will need to use the COPYCAT user exit, CTCOPYUX, to copy the ACCT data to the output volume.                                                

The CA Copycat Utility user exit is supplied as a dummy source and load module. It may be customized after the SMP/E installation of the product is complete. To code your own exit, use member CTCUXREC of library CAI.CTAPJCL. The source code for the exit, which is modified by the USERMOD, resides in CAI.CTAPSRC as member CTCOPYUX.


To install the user exit using SMP/E
1. Copy CTAPJCL member CTCUXREC to your own Sample JCL library and insert the appropriate source code and updates.
2. Customize and submit Sample JCL library member CTCUXREC to perform an SMP/E RECEIVE and APPLY of the USERMOD.
User exit CTCOPYUX is re-assembled and linked into load library CAI.CAILINK.
Important! The USERMOD should only be RECEIVED and APPLIED, never ACCEPTED.
3. Copy CTAPJCL member CTCUXRST to your Sample JCL library, and then customize and submit it, if corrections or modifications to the user exit are required.
An SMP/E RESTORE of the USERMOD is performed and the supplied dummy version of the user exit is relinked.
4. Go back to step 1 to modify and re-install the USERMOD.


Release: ONE...00200-12-One-TAPE MANAGEMENT