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DE (dSeries) : Out of DB connections / Increase Database Connections


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


Workload Automation DE Server fails to trigger workload and jobs are waiting.


Release: DSWAHA01300-12-Workload Automation DE-High Availability


When the number of jobs and applications increases, the server requires more database connections for processing workload.  If you are experiencing degraded performance, it could be due to available database connections.

Check for ‘Out of DB connections’ warning messages in the server tracelog.txt to verify if your server is experiencing this problem.  The number of active database connections is maintained by the server property '' and defaults to 50 connections in R11.3 and 100 connections in R12 release.

An example of tracelog entry:

20160325 22:00:00.000 [relationaldatabase] [WARN] DM.Appl.<Application Name>.<Generation>: Out of DB connections, waiting: 0


Use the setdbparm utility in <DE Server install directory>/bin directory to increase the database maximum connections pool size for the server.

Note: The database should allow for this many connections as well.  Validate with your DBA for the number of simultaneous connections allowed is greater than

For example: Setting the Maximum Database Connections to 400. 

  1. Change directory to <DE Server install directory>/bin

           cd <DE Server install directory>/bin 

  1. Execute the script setdbparm.[bat/sh]

           On Windows:


           Changing max connections in pool (

           Enter new max connections in pool: 400

          Verify new max connections in pool: 400 

          On UNIX:

          Changing max connections in pool (

          Enter new max connections in pool: 400

          Verify new max connections in pool: 400  

  1. Restart dSeries Server for the change to take effect.

Additional Information

On a busy server, the recommendation is set this value to 400.