CCI through Firewall.
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CCI through Firewall.


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Unicenter Job Management Option



The outgoing port number by default is random by the operating system. There is a CCI configuration variable that you can use to specify a starting port number, then you will need to open a range of numbers.



Is there a way that we can set CCI to attempt to reconnect using a set of ports opened in the firewall?






CCI variable allows you to do is specify the beginning port number to use prior to making a cci connection.

The variable name is CAI_CCI_PORT1 it configures ccirmtd so that it will bind to specified port prior to connect calls Valid values for this variable is CAI_CCI_PORT1=n, where 250 < n < 65k

To set this variable create an executable file


that contains

export CAI_CCI_PORT1

Note: n should be a number that is greater then 250 and less the 65000

Setting this up will configure cci when making outgoing calls to start at this port number and if that is not available it will increment the value by one and try the next port number. Without this setting the outgoing port number is random and set by the operating system.

Incoming CCI listens on Port#1721 or what you have configured you the following setting to:
caicci    1721/tcp    # CA Remote CCI port number


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Release: UWSMWL55500-11.2-Network and Systems Management-Job Management Option