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When trying to install CA Client Automation agents while not using root account you get an error: ?User is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported?


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When trying to install CA Client Automation R14 agents while not using root account you get an error:“User is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported”



Client Automation version 14.0

All Supported versions of UNIX



This error is caused because the user running the sudo command while trying to install the CA Client Automation version R14.0 agents on UNIX is not listed in the /etc/sudoers file with sudo permissions. This document addresses same issue for with either a local install or an install done through the Deployment Wizard.



1.   Login as root user 


2.  Now you must run the visduo command to edit the /etc/sudoers file

a. Syntax for this command

visudo /etc/sudoers

  NOTE: The visudo command may not be installed by default on various UNIX versions and requires you to install the correct package. 

AIX 7.1

Solaris 11



NOTE: If you are unsure which package you need please contact the Vendors Support for assistance.


3.   Scroll down to the section of the sudoers file with the heading

## Allow root to run any commands anywhere

root    ALL=(ALL)       ALL        


Direction for Inserting Text

To insert text in a line into the sudoers file:

Position the cursor where the new text should go.

Type i  (letter I to insert text)

Enter the new text.

Add the user:

joe ALL=(ALL)       ALL   NOTE: this is all that’s needed for local install if using deployment then omit this line and add next two lines:

Defaults:<user name> !requiretty

<user name> ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL


4.   To save the edits you have made, and quit visudo:

Press <Esc>

Type the following keyboard combination to save the file and exit 


Press <Return>.

Once this has been done now you are ready to reattempt the installation and you should not receive the Error user is not listed in sudoers file.


Additional Information:                          

 For more information on editing the sudoers file or which package to install to be able to run visudo please consult your UNIX vendor and the man pages on UNIX for  sudo , visudo and editing sudoers file.  
 There is additional information in the CA Client Automation R14 Implementation Guide which is located on the CA Support  website

  Choose product CA Client Automation R 14

  For a list of supported versions of UNIX for CA Client Automation please review the 

  Compatibility matrix at this link:{5388D4CA-E235-4113-9EE5-CC5C038AB99E}

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