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What meaning are the "Error 1 on update, insert or delete done" and the "Error 16 on inserting row."


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The following 2 errors returned when the below command was ran against the usp_lrel_attachments_requests table to load the data.

Command :

pdm_load -i -v -f <filename>

Error :

Error 1 on update, insert or delete done.
Error 16 on inserting row.
The inserted row conflicts with existing data.

The stdlog says as follows
Duplicate row. ORA: 1  Message: ORA-00001: unique constraint (MDBADMIN.USP_LREL_ATTACHMENTS_REQUES_X3) violated


What do the above "Error 1" and "Error 16" mean?



The attmnt and the cr columns are key of the usp_lrel_attachemnts_request table. They are configured in the SQL Server Management Studio -> dbo.usp_lrel_attachmetns_requests -> indexes -> usp_lrel_attachments_requests_X3.

Since it tried to load the duplicated key record, the error was occurred.

The "Error 16" was returned when the record that has the duplicated key.
The "Error 1" was returned because the Error 16 occurred. Error 1 will be indicated when the Error 16 was returned.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License