DSM Explorer show RC status as "Not Installed" on Agents.
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DSM Explorer show RC status as "Not Installed" on Agents.


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 Status of RC Agents is shown as "Not Installed" on DSM Explorer, even though the RC Agent is installed correctly and it works
("caf status rchost" shows it as installed in target machine)



 Client Automation - All Versions.



 During Agent installation, RC Agent plugin was installed as 'Stand-alone'. According to documentation, this is defined as follow:


"The remote control (RC) feature of CA ITCM can be configured in a stand-alone mode. In this mode, the RC agent uses local security and configuration policies, rather than policies sent from a central domain manager."


In order to determine if RC Agent is installed as standalone, the following commands can be run on target machine:


1. "ccnfcmda -cmd getparametervalue -ps itrm/rc/host/managed -pn standalone"

2. "ccnfcmda -cmd getparametervalue -ps itrm/rc/host/managed -pn managedmode"

If the output of  #1 is "1" and the output of #2. is "0", can be confirmed that RC Agent is installed as standalone.



 RC Agent can't be changed to Centrally Managed because it needs "registration plugin" (cfregister component), along with others, to register with its Scalability Server or Domain Manager. In order to solve the problem, full RC Agent plugin must be used to perform a reinstallation of Agent on target machine.


Additional Information:

 If this doesn't help to solve the problem, a Support case should be created.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence