WAAE Unix Job Failing With Message Invalid Shell Error
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WAAE Unix Job Failing With Message Invalid Shell Error


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What can cause a Unix job to fail on a WAAE 11.3 System Agent with an error indicating “Invalid Shell Error”?




Workload Automation Agent


The following can cause the error:


#1 – An incorrect value for oscomponent.validshell specified in the agentparm.txt file.

#2 – The shell parameter specified in the job definition is incorrect.

#3 – The script file run by the job invokes the wrong Unix shell.


The following actions will correct the above problems:

#1 - Verify that the correct shell is specified in the agentparm.txt file. Alternatively, you

can set the oscomponent.checkvalidshell=false parameter in the agentparm.txt file,
so that the agent does not validate whether the shell is valid.

#2 - Verify that the corresponding job definition has the correct shell specified in
the shell statement.

#3 - In the first line of a script file, the shell and its path must match exactly what you
specified in the oscomponent.validshell parameter.