Can CA Spectrum Autodiscovery be run from command line or via the REST api?


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CA Spectrum


After creating an Auto Discovery configuration in the Discovery gui, can the Discovery configuration be run or executed from the command line or REST?  

The Scheduler in the Discovery window only allows a user to schedule the discovery one time per day.  Is there a way this could be launched from command line or REST so that the discovery can be run multiple times per day?





The functionality to run the Discovery configuration from command line or via REST does not exist.  The Discovery configuration created in the Discovery window can only be launched by the scheduler or manually from the gui.  

To launch the discovery more than one time per day on a scheduled bases you will need to copy the configuration and change the schedule.  You will need to do this for as many times as you need to schedule the discovery.  

For example, if you want the discovery to run every 6 hours, you would need 4 Discovery configurations with a schedule set six hours apart (ie.  the first scheduled discovery would be set for 3am, the next would be set for 9am, the next would be set for 3pm, and the last one would be set for 9pm).

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Please reference the "Discovering and Modeling Your Network" section of the documentation for more information.