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User with too many sessions in stdlogs


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In the stdlogs, we are seeing user(s) have multiple sessions in short period of time irrespective of already login into the ServiceDesk Application


03/29 07:59:00.42 CAUSRD      web:local            2528 SIGNIFICANT  session.c            10883 Session 1198722824:0x1A6B41C8 login by analyst ServiceDesk (cnt:CA1234567891011121314151698765421); session count 46

03/29 08:28:11.52 CAUSRD      web:local            2528 SIGNIFICANT  session.c            10883 Session 262125323:0x1CD93758 login by analyst ServiceDesk (cnt:CA1234567891011121314151698765421); session count 76

03/29 08:28:11.83 CAUSRD      web:local            2528 SIGNIFICANT  session.c            10883 Session 1206199276:0x1CD94430 login by analyst ServiceDesk (cnt:CA1234567891011121314151698765421); session count 77

 03/29 08:28:17.64 CAUSRD      web:local            2528 SIGNIFICANT  session.c            10883 Session 472249833:0x1CD94878 login by analyst ServiceDesk (cnt:CA1234567891011121314151698765421); session count 78


ServiceDesk 12.6
ServiceDesk 12.7
ServiceDesk 12.9
ServiceDesk 14.1 


Irrespective of already logged into ServiceDesk or not logged into ServiceDesk, every time you click on ServiceDesk url; the system will create a session for it. The system takes tracks every time ServiceDesk is being used. This is build as design

Additional Information:

If you concerns of the session_log table growing due to this, you have 2 options:

1)Archive and Purge the Session log table

2)Disable the session_log table recording. Please follow the following technical document TEC487493


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License