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Device not found in CAPC


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Discovery of device says that it is already found, but when searching on CAPC web UI, the device is not found.


Redhat Linux.

CAPC 2.4 through 2.6


Data Aggregator has the device information. CAPC should get these device/interface list into netqosportal database.

Corruption in netqosportal database tables will impact updating the list in capc.


1.    Take a putty session to CAPC machine

2.    Navigate to /opt/CA/MySql/bin with cd command

cd /opt/CA/MySql/bin

3.    Run a check and repair of netqosportal database.

 mysqlcheck –auto-repair –A 

4.    Restart CAPC services with the below command. ( Copy paste it as a single line)

/etc/init.d/caperfcenter_sso stop && /etc/init.d/caperfcenter_devicemanager stop && /etc/init.d/caperfcenter_eventmanager stop && /etc/init.d/caperfcenter_console stop &&

/etc/init.d/mysql stop  && /etc/init.d/mysql start && /etc/init.d/caperfcenter_sso start && /etc/init.d/caperfcenter_devicemanager start && /etc/init.d/caperfcenter_eventmanager start && /etc/init.d/caperfcenter_console start

5.    Refresh CAPC UI and the device should be found properly now.


Additional Information:

If the problem still persists after running above commands or if you face any additional problems during above commands, please contact CA Support.


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.5-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator