Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) transaction ID changes
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Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) transaction ID changes


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If the Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) transaction ID changes, CA Data Protection (DataMinder) iConsole users will be unable to retrieve content for an item that is no longer in the local CMS cache (by default) over 30 days.  

In this scenario, the Wgnrdm_<datetime>.log records Symantec Enterprise Vault has failed to return an archived object and the iConsole_<datetime>.log record that they were Unable to access BLOB file contents.   



When an item is queued to be written to the Enterprise Vault (EV) archive it is assigned a transaction ID.  This ID is saved in the Data Protection database and used to retrieve the event in the future.  In rare circumstances where Enterprise Vault (EV) is unable to save the item to the archive at its first attempt it is requeued and submitted with a new transaction id.  EV does not advise Data Protection (Data Minder) of the failure and subsequent transation ID change.




To correct this issue you can manually update the transaction ID to re-establish the link between the stored event in the EV archive and the Data Protection (DataMinder) Database.  To do this follow the steps below:


1. Retrieve the archived item from Enterprise Vault to obtain the save set ID.  The transaction ID is part of the save set ID (see Additional Information for details).

2. Execute a full event export from the iConsole (ctrl + Alt + right click on the event you wish to export).  

3. The EV information detailed in the DBdump file (contained in the event dump .zip file) will show the transaction ID (see Additional Information for details). You will then need change the transaction ID property associated with the event in the "wgn3event" table "bloblocation" field to the transaction ID from the SEV save set ID.     


Additional Information:

Save set ID example:



The transaction ID contained in the EV save set ID is located after the third ~ for example:



Data Protection (DataMinder) stores the EV transaction ID in the 'bloblocation' field of the 'Wgn3event' database table in the format 



For example:



This references an event stored in a specific EV instance:


transaction ID: F024B80F79C5E8D3617C7A30E005B671

vault ID: 16B594763AD58E949BA4987C94D1481F71110000kvs01


You will only need to update the transaction ID portion of the entry to reflect the correct transaction ID, maintaining the 'SEV:' prefix, the '$' separator and the vault ID. 


Release: ODLPSD05900-14.6-Data Protection-for Stored Data