Alarms still generate for models in CA Spectrum after the device model has been removed.


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CA Spectrum


When a device model has been removed, alarms are still generate even though the model is not in CA Spectrum


When a device is discovered and a model is created in the SpectroSERVER database, associations are created linking it to the various views that the device is a member of.

For example, a Contains association for the Topology container and Global Collection containers.

If you go to the Container in the Universe Topology view and select the device and then click on the Remove option, you are essentially removing the association the model has with this Container (view). However, the model still exists in the SpectroSERVER database and as a result you will still receive alarms associated with the model.




To properly remove a model completely from the SpectroSERVER database, use the Delete option. This will delete the model and all of its associations from the SpectroSERVER database entirely.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Delete Modeled Elements from the Universe Topology View" and "Remove Modeled Elements from the Universe Topology View" sections of the documentation for more information.