"High CPU Utilization Alarm" in One Click Console for normal utilization on actual device
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"High CPU Utilization Alarm" in One Click Console for normal utilization on actual device


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CA Spectrum


Showing 'High CPU Utilization Alarm' in OneClick Console when normal utilization is seen on the actual device


Component: SPCCSS


Some devices cannot handle the large amount of SNMP requests received from the SpectroServer and this can cause the CPU to spike on these devices and can possibly lead to other problems. These devices are able to be initially discovered in the Spectrum database however It is when the discovery process reads large tables like the bridge table to determine connectivity which causes the CPU to spike.


Enabling Throttling on the device

Throttling - Attribute ID: 0x11f79 - Controls whether CA Spectrum should restrict the amount of outstanding SNMP requests sent to a device. This helps to alleviate problems involving SNMP agents that cannot handle large amounts of SNMP requests.

Throttle_Count - Attribute ID: 0x11f39 - Determines how many outstanding SNMP requests are allowed when throttling is enabled for a device.
The Throttling and Throttle_Count attributes can be modified in the Attributes tab of the individual Enterasys model. The Attribute Editor can also be used to modify these attributes for the individual model.

How to enable throttling  and  throttle count :

1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user

2. Find and select the model

3. Click on the Attributes tab

4. Find and select the Throttling attribute and set the value to Yes

5. Find and select the Throttle_Count attribute and set the value to 5

Additional Information

Please reference knowledge document KB000039494 "SPECTRUM Throttling concepts" for additional information.