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Batch job MSMDEPLY fails RC=2048 but no other indication of error. How do I determine the cause of the failure?


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)




I have applied maintenance to Chorus Software Maintenance and executed the MSMDEPLY batch job to deploy the maintenance.
The batch job failed with a RC=2048.



The output from the MSMDEPLY batch job only includes the following in the STDOUT DDname. How do I determine the cause of the failure?

##### ------------ CSM DEPLOY Failed ------------ #####

Exitcode from Java class is 4



Chorus Software Manager R5.1 or R6.0.



The MSMDEPLY batch job executes the script which creates output written to STDOUT and a complete log which resides
on the UNIX file system. In the STDOUT you will find a message indicating the path and filename of the full log similar to what is shown below:

Creating log:  /usr/lpp/ca/package/csm/CSM60/MSMDeployLog/MSMDeployerLog2016-03-29,08-29-09,412.log

It is this log that should be reviewed for details on the failure. In this case the cause of the failure was an out of space condition. In the log the following error is observed: EDC5133I No space left on device.

Other exceptions may be encountered but here in this log is where the details can be found.


Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager