Error 1075 starting Gen Windows CSE service (remote database)
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Error 1075 starting Gen Windows CSE service (remote database)


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Have configured the Windows CSE to use a remote Oracle database (resides on another server).
This all works fine when starting the message dispatcher from the command line.
However when starting the message dispatcher service CSESvcMD it fails to start with the error: "Error 1075: the dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion"


Release: Any
Component: Gen Client Server Encyclopedia


The cse_config utility when run to install the message dispatcher service will assume that the database information entered relates to a local Oracle instance or service because remote databases are not a currently supported option. It will therefore create the registry entries for the service marking the Oracle Database service as a dependent one. However CSESvcMD service properties will not show this dependency because if a dependent service is not valid/does not exist then it is not shown i.e. only the RPC service dependency will be shown:

However, an inspection of the registry using the editor regedit.exe will show that there is a dependent Oracle service defined after the RPCSS.


To correct this situation use the registry editor regedit.exe to modify the key value for HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CSESvcMD\DependOnService to remove the database service (in this example OracleServiceDBCSE) and just leave the RPCSS value:

NOTE: The system will need to be restarted for the registry change to take effect on the Services panel.

The CSE service will then start successfully:

Additional Information


  • Great care should be taken when modifying the registry - ensure a valid registry backup has been taken
  • Also, note that these manual changes will have to be redone whenever the cse_config utility is run to configure the message dispatcher.
  • The same error will occur if using a remote SQL Server database. However, because of a current difference in the way CSESvcMD works for Oracle versus SQL Server just removing the DependOnService named MSSQLSERVER is not enough to resolve the problem i.e. after the server is restarted the CSESvcMD service will still fail to start with "Error 1053: The Service did not Respond to the Start or Control Request in a Timely Fashion" because CSESvcMD fails to find a database engine. To resolve the problem a dummy service with name MSSQLSERVER needs to be created. For further details please see: Gen 8.6 CSE configuration for remote SQL Server database