Delete Cis in Service Desk CMDB
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Delete Cis in Service Desk CMDB


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Is there a way to delete CI(s)(Configuration Items) in Service Desk CMDB?


CA Service Desk Manager 17.3 and higher


Unfortunately, there is no function nor any supported way within Service Desk to delete CI(s)(Configuration Items).  CA Service Desk Manager does not allow you to remove data for auditing reasons.  Also, this is meant to preserve database referential integrity. The configuration item's data will be stored in several tables in the MDB.

If you have unnecessary configuration items, you need to change the status from active to inactive with the configuration item in UI or using GRloader utility.  For details, please see:

Deactivate CIs using GRLOADER

So, the MDB will continue to store the configuration item in an inactive state.

Alternatively if you only need to modify one attribute instead of removing the entire CI, this is a valid action.


Prepare Spreadsheet Data

Additional Information

Please note if you find alternatives tools or function (ex: pdm_load) to delete CI(s), it will not be supported by Broadcom Support.