BINDLOST - NO CPS ON ACT after selecting new session on CA TPX menu
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BINDLOST - NO CPS ON ACT after selecting new session on CA TPX menu


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


Trying to add IBM Netview to the main menu of TPX. I believe everything is in place but every time the application is selected the session hangs on a blank screen.

When the application was just accessed before building any profile or session data the /a  Netview task  worked fine. Now cannot even use the /a Netview ..... it tries to use whatever was installed incorrectly.

Error I see in the log is:

11:07:03.49 ACB xxxxx001 SELECTED FOR USER userid APPL applid 
11:07:03.50 BINDLOST - NO CPS ON ACT - ACT=act, PLU=xxxx1020

Tried backing out of all changes and reloading ACT table, the error is still hanging around.


CA TPX for z/OS


The TPXL0053 message is an indication that the Bind for this application has been rejected by TPX.

The "no CPS on ACT" indicates that TPX has received a bind that does NOT have a pointer to a particular application SB. This normally indicates that this bind is a result of a CLSDST/PASS issued by the initial application to which TPX was in session. It also indicates that the ACT that was first found to satisfy this bind did not have the "Issues CLSDST PASS" parm set to "Y".

*** Note that TPX searches the ACT list in reverse alphabetical order. ***

Issues CLSDST PASS parameter:

Indicates whether the application may issue a CLSDST PASS to another VTAM applid after the initial session to this application is established.

Specifying Y allows TPX to recognize that the aspects of CLSDST PASS processing are normal and not error situations. If you specify Y and the application type is GRP, you normally need to specify a substring so TPX can identify the original application session.


To correct this, change the ACT definition for the application to specify CLSDST PASS = "Y":


  • Select 2 - TPX System Options 

  • Select 2 - Application Definition (ACT) 

  • Select existing ACT from list - or - enter command "S actname" to create a new ACT entry 

  • Select applid from list - or - enter command "S applid" to create a new ACT entry 

  • Set parm Issues CLSDST PASS: Y

2) RELOAD ACT with TPXOPER or cycle TPX.

Additional Information

NOTE: If you want to back out a new ACT, you need to cycle TPX to have your removal of the new ACT take effect and return to you previous behavior.