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When attempting to save SCL in CA Endevor Software Change Manager Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) getting a USR2019 - 1014: Extended parameter size too small message. What does it mean?


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM) Endevor Software Change Manager - Natural Integration (SCM) Endevor Software Change Manager - ECLIPSE Plugin (SCM) Endevor Software Change Manager - Enterprise Workbench (SCM)


1014 is the error number returned from the Software AG USR2019N routine and Extended parameter size too small is the error message. This error message indicates that there is a conflict between the version of the USR2019N subroutine being used and the version of Natural calling USR2019N.


Component: SCMMNI


Software AG released a new version of USR2019N with Natural 8.2.3. SP4 or higher -


 	USR2019N Subprogram C S 8.2.03 NAT824 2013-03-14


This newer version of the USR2019N routine must be copied from the Natural SYSEXT library to the appropriate SYSTEM or application library replacing the older version of USR2019N.