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Unable to login to CA Harvest Administrator.


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


Unable to login to new installed CA Harvest Administrator, on old installation it was working fine.

The CA Harvest Workbench login is also working fine, and on another machine login to CA Harvest Administrator is working.

Error Message: Incorrect login, please try again.







Harvest-Software Change Manager-Release: SCMNCR99000-12.1 and newer




  1. Check the login credentials.

   Note: There can be trouble using the ip address as brokername to login into harvest. 

   Please try the server name for CA Harvest Administrator Login. 


Additional Information


CA Software Change Manager Administrator Guide:

Users must be defined in CA Harvest SCM before they can log in to the product. 

When CA Harvest SCM is installed, an initial user is automatically created. This user must add other users who need access to CA Harvest SCM. 

Note: The record in the HARUSER table whose USROBJID field has a value of 1 identifies the initial user created during the installation. This user is always a

         CA Harvest SCM administrator and always exists in CA Harvest SCM, even if this user does not exist in the external authentication server.

         However, when you use external authentication, this user (like all other CA Harvest SCM users) must exist in the external authentication server to log in to CA

         Harvest SCM.

Also this can help:

- Reset password of the User ID

- Reinstall the whole CA Harvest Software Change Manager Software


Please find the "Harvest Software Change Manager Bookshelf" here: