Can Spectrum be setup as a Syslog server?
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Can Spectrum be setup as a Syslog server?


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Syslog is a protocol used by most Cisco devices to manage system logs and alerts. When these are raised by the device, then the relevant Network Management System (NMS) such as Spectrum should be able to process them.

Can Spectrum be setup as a Syslog server?




SPECTRUM does not implement a syslog server such as those implemented as defined in RFC 3195. 

SPECTRUM can, however, process asynchronous SNMP traps where the trap payload is a syslog message conforming to the Cisco standard syslog message format.  The typical field application is to install an agent that is capable of monitoring the syslog file for specific regular expressions and forwarding those matches as SNMP traps to SPECTRUM.  The trap will be processed by a model in SPECTRUM that represents the host the agent is running on.  It will attempt to determine the real source of the trap/syslog message and if it can find it, and that model is also modeled in SPECTRUM, an alarm will be generated on the source model.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Syslog Trap Support" section of the documentation for more information.