How do I create an Alert Policy Alarms attaching to a Monitoring View displaying only FAILED_JOBS?


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A simple method to create a specific Monitoring View and Alert policy pertaining to "failed" jobs. 



1. How do I create a Alert Policy that shows all AutoSys Alarms associated with all failed jobs?

2. How do I create a Monitoring View that only displays all FAILED_JOBS?



Modifications are applicable to Workload Control Center versions 11.3.6 and 11.4



1. Log into UWCC

2. Select the Monitoring tab

3. Within the Alert Policy widget, select "Add"

4. Provide the following site specific information:

     an alert policy name

     leave * for Job Name    (or make this as specific as needed)

     Alarm Type, select all   (or make this as specific as needed)

     Server, select the applicable AutoSys Server

     Job Status, select Failure



To use this new Alert Policy for a "Failed Jobs" Monitoring View: 


1. Within the Views widget, select All Views

2. Select "Add"

3. Provide the following site specific information:  

     View Name: Enter a view name

4. Select "Add Filter"

     Server: select the applicable AutoSys Server     

     Alert Policy: select the Alert Policy created in this example (above)

     Select "Add Filter Expression"

     Select Attribute,then "job_name"

     Select Operator, then "Like"

     Value: * (asterisk for all jobs)    

     Select "Save Expression"

     Select "Add Filter Expression"

     Select "Logic" and set to "And"

     Select "Attribute" and set to "status"

     Select "Operator" and set to "="

     Select "Value" and set to "FAILURE"

     Select "Save Expression"

     Select "Save Filter"

     Select "Save" 


At this time you should be redirected back to the Views section.

Observe the new Monitoring View and most likely will display an informational message stating the initial collection of jobs and alerts is in progress.






Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option