Db2 tools for z/OS Post Install QICSPLA job abends U0990
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Db2 tools for z/OS Post Install QICSPLA job abends U0990


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Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Log Analyzer for Db2 for z/OS (PLA) Post Install job QICSPLA fails with U0990 and returns
the following message when converting messages to uppercase.

ISPP330 BDISPMAX exceeded -/-100 displays exceeded in batch mode on panel


The message and its description would seem to indicate that increasing the BDISPMAX value (via ISPSTART) is the solution here however,
in the case of the QICSPLA job, the real reason is likely to be because the highlvl.XMESSAGE dataset has exhausted all directory blocks.

An explanation and solution follows.

  • The highlvl.XMESSAGE dataset, as supplied, contains PDS members that have no statistics.
  • When the QICSPLA job runs, it calls the UCASE macro.
  • The UCASE macro specifies STATS(YES) which, on most systems, will generate statistics for the PDS members being updated.
  • The generated statistics use up additional blocks in the highlvl.XMESSAGE PDS directory.
  • The ISPP330 message is generally seen for this job when the highlvl.XMESSAGE directory allocation has been exhausted.

Increasing the directory block allocation by around 30% to 50% should allow the QICSPLA job to complete successfully.