Can the Spectrum Fault Isolation function be disabled?
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Can the Spectrum Fault Isolation function be disabled?


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Can Spectrum Fault Isolation be turned off? Some users are complaining they are missing alarms because they are suppressed, so we are thinking to turn off the Fault Isolation function on certain servers.


Spectrum Fault Isolation CANNOT be disabled/turned off either globally or on a per-model basis.

If there is an absolute need to get a Critical device lost contact alarm when Spectrum loses SNMP and ICMP contact with a device, then you cannot connect device models. Each device would have to be modeled individually and not connected to any other device model in the Spectrum database.

Additional Information

It is highly recommended to not change the out of the box event processing or alarming on the out of the box events and alarms that deal with Fault isolation. Changed made to these events and alarms have undesirable results.

Please reference knowledge document KB-36118 "Spectrum Fault Isolation not suppressing or asserting alarms as expected."

Please reference the "Fault Isolation" section of the documentation for more information.