Does ACF2/MVS or ACF2/CICS require that the CICS Operator ID be unique?


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Does CA ACF2/MVS or CA ACF2/CICS require that the CICS OPERID be unique? Is it possible to change Userid in a way that CICS OPERID will not be unique?


CICS uses these fields to satisfy both internal and application requests for user-related information. CA ACF2 does not directly use these fields for the CICS interface.

ACF2 is only a place holder to the data in the CICSID, pass it to CICS at signon time, and are out of the picture. ACF2 does not do any checking unless there is an explicit application in CICS that makes a security call to check the CICSID.

Additional Information:

CICSID (id):

A three-character field, internal name LIDCOPID. This is the standard CICS operator ID.


Component: ACF2MS